Politicians for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

When Yadkin County, North Carolina, needed a new animal shelter, county commissioners faced a dilemma: accept money from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a group with demonstrable links to domestic terror groups, or go it alone. County Commissioner Brent Hunter chose to stick to his office’s high principles and turn down PETA’s offer of a $15,000 gift.

We’re proud to announce today that the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) has agreed to cover the financial shortfall that resulted because high-minded elected officials refused PETA’s Faustian bargain. A $15,000 donation from CCF will go toward the construction of a new Yadkin County animal shelter.

Commissioner Hunter made his position clear. “While construction of the county animal shelter is a priority,” he said, “I cannot, in good faith, accept an offer from a group like PETA when they support and finance groups that engage in arson, harassment and vandalism in the name of their political agenda.”

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