Let’s Get This Party Started!

As those of you living near our nation’s capital are already painfully aware, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ tasteless entry in a Washington, DC arts promotion was green-lighted on Tuesday by a U.S. District Court judge, who is forcing the city to display it on a prominent downtown street corner.

PETA claims that its design, which depicts a sad and supposedly typical, “abused” circus elephant, is intended to spark lots of public discussion. Well, write today’s date down, because we actually agree with PETA on that point. We’re all for open debate, and we hope it results in a wide variety of people learning just what a bunch of dangerous extremists are behind today’s animal-rights nuttiness.

In order to do our part, the Center for Consumer Freedom is proud to announce an art contest of our own! U.S. residents age 18 and over can submit their own elephant design, depicting PETA’s “true colors” and real agenda. Prizes include a host of goodies that are sure to incense PETA’s supporters: a hunting magazine subscription, a fishing video, a real leather basketball, a genuine rabbit’s foot, and (of course) a package of all-American beef.

We’re only accepting entries until September 16, so dust off your thinking caps, and help us spread the word about the side of PETA they’d rather keep a secret.

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