Obesity warrior John Banzhaf may be losing his edge. The tobacco lawyer, who has targeted fast-food restaurants — vowing to “sue them and sue them and sue them” — issued a statement on Thursday in rebuttal to a news report that didn’t exist.

Banzhaf’s September 5 release quotes a USA Today story that ostensibly connected his latest lawsuit — this one using children as legal pawns — to a recent announcement from McDonald’s about the reformulation of its cooking oils. “Actually,” Banzhaf chides USA Today, “the new law suit was filed [back] on August 22nd.”

Uh, counselor… “actually,” USA Today ran no such story.

Banzhaf’s misguided release does raise one important question: if the lawsuit was filed back in August, how come the mainstream media hasn’t heard much about it yet? Could it be that Banzhaf didn’t enjoy getting universally mocked and pilloried the first time around, when he was flacking for Caesar Barber?

Also, Banzhaf did us all a favor by posting his latest legal maneuver in its entirety.Of the two children now supposedly “suing” McDonald’s, one is the daughter of Israel Bradley. Mr. Bradley is an obese New Yorker who originally appeared on Fox News as a fast-food plaintiff himself, right alongside Caesar Barber.