Meaty decisions

On the heels of last week’s news that teens who eat less meat are no healthier than full-blown carnivores, Fox News is now reporting that many “former vegetarians” in the U.S. are starting to “re-introduce meat into their diets.” Fox notes that according to a 2001 Mintel Consumer Intelligence poll, only 2.5 percent of Americans identify themselves as vegetarian.

If you do choose to “go vegan,” as animal-rights extremists at PETA and Farm Animal Reform Movement would like you to do, just don’t go overboard. That’s the message from a Los Angeles appeals court, which ruled on Friday that veganism doesn’t qualify as a religion. Jerold Friedman had refused a mumps vaccine because it was grown in chicken embryos; when his prospective employer withdrew his job offer, Friedman sued. The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed an amicus brief on his behalf.

Complaining that the courts failed to see the “spiritual” or “otherworldly” components that would qualify his chosen lifestyle as a religion, Friedman told The San Francisco Chronicle: “I no longer believe that because somebody is born as a frog or as a human, one of them gets preferential treatment.”

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