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Suing our way to fitness?

Fox News ran a “top story” over the weekend about the efforts by a few unsavory trial lawyers to punish fast-food restaurants for giving Americans what they want. Their latest gambit is to use children as pawns.

On Monday night’s CNN Crossfire, Center for Consumer Freedom co-founder John Doyle put the lie to this strategy. When Center for Science in the Public Interest über-nanny Michael Jacobson began his tired, predictable rant about “the billion dollars a year that McDonald’s spends brainwashing young children,” Doyle pounced.

“Michael,” he said, “I have two young children that grew up in this environment. They’re perfectly healthy, because when it comes to McDonald’s or Wendy’s or Burger King, I make the choices. They’re healthy because I decide when they’re going to eat, what they’re going to eat. I have the responsibility.”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram agrees. In a Saturday editorial, the paper mocks the notion of “suing our way to fitness” and puts the blame for any childhood obesity squarely on parents’ shoulders: “What happened to teaching children to eat their veggies and indulge in guilty pleasures in moderation?”

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