And this little piggy broke campaign finance laws…

We told you so.

We can’t say for sure whether our profile of the animal rights group Farm Sanctuary was seen by members of the Florida Election Commission (FEC), but that 9-member panel seems to agree with our description of the group’s shocking disregard for campaign finance laws.

In a 9-0 decision, the FEC has declared that “probable cause” exists that Farm Sanctuary violated Florida campaign finance laws at least 210 times during its current campaign on behalf of a proposed amendment to the state’s constitution. In addition to Farm Sanctuary, the organization’s co-founder Gene Bauston was named personally as a defendant. [Click here and scroll to page 6 for the FEC’s public notice of the ruling.]

A political action committee (PAC), not Farm Sanctuary, is officially in charge of next month’s Florida animal-rights ballot measure. It remains to be seen whether the FEC ruling will have any impact on that PAC or its ballot measure, or whether Farm Sanctuary will merely play David Chang to the PAC’s Robert Toricelli. Either way, we’ll keep you posted when a final determination of guilt is made and fines are assessed.

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