Animal-rights Rx for kids

Despite hollow assurances from PETA that their scare campaigns are geared toward adults, the animal rights movement has long been interested in going after kids. Among other things, PETA has accosted teens and “tweens” outside middle schools, distributed tasteless animal rights trading cards to grade-schoolers, an even fed teenagers a line of bull about milk supposedly causing acne.

And those are just the campaigns the public sees. Behind the scenes, however, the animal rights movement is busy targeting our children for re-education on two fronts. First, the nascent “humane education” movement is dedicated to infiltrating school libraries and curricula with animal-rights propaganda. Second, animal-rights-oriented medical front groups lobby at the state and federal level to reinvent school lunch programs in a vegetarian-only image.

The best example of this, of course, is the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). A PETA-funded puppet, PCRM is rolling out a new so-called “healthy school lunch campaign” this week, designed to fool lawmakers, bureaucrats, and school menu planners into believing that meat and dairy are, by definition, unhealthy foods for youngsters.

PCRM’s upcoming ad campaign even calls them “weapons of mass destruction.” And you won’t find any reference to the animal rights movement in the group’s promotional materials.

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