Hey PETA: ‘Stuff It’

There they go again. PETA is out to ruin your Thanksgiving this year, enlisting the help of pop star Moby in an attempt to sabotage the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line. MSNBC reports that “Moby is urging fans to clog the lines with complaints about Butterball’s treatment of turkeys.”

According to several news sources, the activists’ message of choice for the Butterball people is that there is “no proper way to kill and cook these beautiful birds.”

“Earth to Moby,” writes Redding (CA) Record Searchlight columnist Thom Gabrukiewicz. “Deep-fried with Cajun spices, smoked over apple wood, or simply roasted in the oven — slathered with sage butter, of course — with cornbread stuffing, are all proper ways to cook a turkey. And I’ve found that a 12-gauge shotgun, with three-inch magnum turkey loads, does a dandy job in the killing department.”

The Center for Consumer Freedom believes that Americans should not let animal rights activists ruin Thanksgiving dinner. So we’re recommending that consumers who are tired of unsolicited dietary advice from extremists call PETA’s “Vegetarian Thanksgiving Hotline” (1-888-VEG-FOOD) and tell PETA and Moby to “Stuff It!”

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