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Is the veggie boom over?

The BBC News World Edition notes that the “rush to embrace a meat-free lifestyle seems to be over.” Now that overblown consumer fears of mad-cow disease and foot-and-mouth have subsided, it appears that fewer Britons are “climbing aboard the tofu wagon.”

Here in the U.S. as well, more people are beginning to realize that the militant vegetarian movement is motivated largely by political, animal-rights-oriented goals, and seldom by any real concern for human health.

Tennessee tofu-heads were reportedly upset last month when Governor Don Sundquist refused to proclaim a statewide “Vegetarian Month.” Advocates complained to reporters that “they sign proclamations for everything: baton twirling, anything.”

Still, the governor refused, due in large part to the fact that the proposed proclamation wasn’t so much pro-veggie as it was anti-meat. The text included references to meat as “laced with pathogens, fat, cholesterol, hormones, and carcinogens,” all of which, by the way, can also be said of vegetables.

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