Ethical? Humane? Somebody get a dictionary!

We’ve been telling you for years about People for the “Ethical” Treatment of Animals, and its propensity for funding criminals and domestic terrorist groups. Now it appears that the animal rights group’s big brother also has its hand (and its checkbook) where it shouldn’t be.

Research conducted by the Center for Consumer Freedom has confirmed that since at least 1998, the “Humane” Society of the United States (HSUS) has been quietly funding an Internet service used by the violent criminals of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). HSUS has been widely criticized for hiring ALF-affiliated criminal J.P. Goodwin in 2001.

It’s called, and it hosts the ALF “Frontline” mailing list, the preferred vehicle for arsonists and other criminals to announce their animal-rights crimes. WASTE also hosts at least 20 vegetarian e-mail lists, the HSUS-coordinated “Inter Campus Animal Advocacy Network” (I-CAAN), and the official mailing lists of a Minnesota group called Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA).

CAA was founded by activist Freeman Wicklund as the “Animal Liberation League.” Wicklund is a public supporter of violent animal rights criminals, and speaks about the need to “embrace the Animal Liberation Front.” Wicklund told the 1996 World Congress for Animals that “damaging property saves animals.”

Considering that Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front crimes cost Americans over $17 million last year alone, it’s shocking to find that the self-styled “mainstream” HSUS would spend some of its $100 million nest egg keeping criminal offenders in business (WASTE even identifies HSUS as a financial donor). If PETA is “Ethical” and HSUS is “Humane,” someone needs a new dictionary.

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