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Why All This Fear?

Syndicated columnist Dennis Prager has something to say about the scare tactics used by activists (and their complicit media friends) to whip up fear among the public.

Observing the recent flap over French fries and acrylamide, Prager notes: “Almost no week goes by without a report on some food or environmental danger that can kill us. It is quite remarkable that any of us are alive given our exposure to secondhand smoke, asbestos, lead in paint, cellular phones and seesaws; our ingesting alcohol, sugar, fat and arsenic-laden water; and our inhaling polluted air. Yet, not only are we alive, we Westerners are the healthiest and longest living generation of humans since the 900-year-olds of Genesis.”

Why all this fear? Prager suggests several reasons, including one of particular interest. “There exists a huge world of health groups,” writes Prager, “employing hundreds of thousands of people whose livelihoods depend on funding from people who are scared. No fears, no funds, no work.”

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