target=_blank>Marilyn Vos Savant’s weekly column in Parade magazine is read by millions. She has an IQ of 228, which the Guinness Book of World Records says is the highest ever recorded. And she’s sick and tired of hearing about how some unsavory lawyers think Americans should sue their way to fitness.

Asked by Newsweek’s B. J. Sigesmund this week about a “trend you’d like to see stopped,” vos Savant pounced:

This business about the people suing McDonald’s — burgers don’t make you fat, eating too many of them does. target=_blank>You may as well sue any kind of food manufacturer for the same reason. How about Godiva chocolates and Baskin-Robbins [ice cream] and Krispy Kreme [doughnuts]? Are they all responsible? Bartenders are not supposed to serve drinks to people who have clearly imbibed too much. Are waiters supposed to decline to take a dessert order from a person who’s fat? It’s silly.