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2002: The Year of Activist Lunacy

2003 arrives in just a few hours, so today we thought we’d take a look back at 2002 to remember the most astonishing, aggressive, and newsworthy activities of social activists who make your food and beverage choices their business.

It’s been a busy year, full of all sorts of headlines. Here are some of our favorites, as we would have written them:

“Obesity epidemic” exaggerated by activist busybodies; Food Politics maven says food is tobacco; Center for Science in the Public Interest just another twinkie-taxer

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. calls pork farmers a greater threat than Osama bin Laden

PETA donates to eco-terror group; ringleader pleads the fifth amendment over 50 times

Scientific journal Nature retracts anti-biotech “study”; activists continue to fiddle while Africa starves

American Public Health Association hops on pop, ignores real science

National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse intentionally fudges numbers on underage drinking

PETA hires Animal Liberation Front criminal who advocates murder

Unnecessary worldwide panic erupts over Acrylamide in starchy foods

Tobacco lawyers sue fast-food restaurants, use kids as bait in huge money grab

Eco-terror group threatens to use guns to implement “justice”; animal rights thugs gather to brag about arson; Southern Poverty Law Center calls both “hate groups”

Swordfish-boycotting zealots target Chilean Sea Bass; U.S. government says they’re not endangered

False fear spreads faster than so-called “mad deer” disease

PETA’s sad circus elephant statue arrives, complete with terrorist monogram

Green scare groups slam livestock antibiotics; real scientists call risks “theoretical” at best

Pfiesteria hysteria: anti-industrial farming activists are all wet

Animal rights loonies break campaign finance laws, add pigs to Florida constitution; pigs to be slaughtered

Happy New Year from the Center for Consumer Freedom!

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