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Our Week In Review

If you’ve been reading the Center for Consumer Freedom’s Daily Headlines this week…

You’ve read about European biotech paranoia resulting in African starvation, and about the arrogance of eco-terrorist Paul Watson, who doesn’t “care a fig for your opinion.”

You’ve learned that animal-rights psychiatrist Neal Barnard thinks he’s proven that vegetarianism can cure diabetes — but only tested seven people, and that when we make a mistake, we’re happy to correct the record.

You’ve seen that CSPI is back on the warpath, claiming that acrylamide kills people. If only he had some evidence!

You know that Virginia Cops are arresting social drinkers for what they might do, and that San Franciscans are no longer allowed to “own” cats and dogs.

If you know someone who should be reading the Center for Consumer Freedom Daily Headlines, drop them an e-mail telling them to start!

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