PETA Wouldn’t Lie, Would They?

One of the most fascinating stories surrounding Fresno State University’s “Revolutionary Environmentalism” conference is that of Gary Yourofsky, an Animal Liberation Front criminal who was hired last year as a “humane education lecturer” by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Yourofsky is one of the “panelists” being hosted at Fresno State today and tomorrow.

In response to many well-deserved questions about PETA’s relationship with domestic terrorists, the group is now claiming that Yourofsky no longer works for them. Fresno State’s public information office says: “PETA has informed the university that Gary Yourofsky, one of the participants at the conference, is no longer a PETA employee. Jay Kelly, PETA education manager, said Yourofsky does receive PETA grants for projects from time to time.”

Funny — PETA’s own website still lists Gary Yourofsky as “PETA’s school lecturer.” And the Student Organization for Animal Rights (SOAR) is currently promoting Target=_blank>a February 26 appearance by “Gary Yourofsky, PETA’s national lecturer.”

We sincerely hope that PETA is not trying to put a fast one over Fresno State. But if the group is serious about cleaning house and distancing itself from the supporters of terrorism on its payroll, we recommend that it begin with Ingrid Newkirk, whose contact with Rodney Coronado before and after his 1992 Michigan State University arson is a matter of public record [see pages 8 and 9 of Coronado’s sentencing memorandum]; and Bruce Friedrich, who was caught on tape in 2001 advocating the bombing of restaurants, medical research labs, slaughterhouses, and banks [click here to listen to him].

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