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Bully for CSPI

A new study from Johns Hopkins University found that rats fed genistein — a naturally occurring component of soybeans — developed abnormal reproductive organs. We’re still waiting for the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) to issue an all-out warning against eating tofu and drinking soy milk.

The Hopkins soy study, reported in the April issue of the Journal of Urology, was eerily reminiscent of last year’s findings on acrylamide. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency carried out all of its acrylamide trials on rats, too — yielding some comical results. Although the EPA expressed concern that acrylamide caused cancer in lab rats, these animals were specially bred to be susceptible to cancer. And it turned out that human beings would have to eat over 180 pounds of French fries (oops – freedom fries) every day for life in order to equal the kind of acrylamide exposure experienced by the EPA’s rats.

None of this, of course, stopped CSPI’s Michael Jacobson from declaring, both here and North of the border, that acrylamide is killing literally thousands of people in North America each year.

So why the double standard? Simple — CSPI wants you to eat more soy, and is desperately convinced that fried potatoes are the root of all evil. Worse, CSPI’s activists believe that what you eat is their business, and they see nothing at all wrong with needlessly scaring you away from foods that are a perfectly appropriate part of a balanced diet. When the British Journal of Cancer suggested in January that acrylamide might even prevent some cancers, CSPI didn’t move a muscle to cease its scare tactics.

This is just the latest in a long series of indicators that the Center for Science in the Public Interest ignores whatever science diverges from its agenda — making its pronouncements decidedly not in the public interest. For this reason, the Center for Consumer Freedom has purchased a full page of advertising space denouncing CSPI in this week’s U.S. News & World Report and next week’s Newsweek.

The theme? “Bullies used to steal your lunch money. Now they scare you out of eating.” [click here to see our latest ad.]

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