Brits Uncover SHAC ‘How To’ Mayhem Manual

It’s called “This is your chance to drive them out,” and it has Great Britain talking. The secret document, which is part of the violent SHAC animal-rights campaign, was exposed in a parliamentary debate last week.

This frightening how-to manual on intimidation and fear tactics is, presumably, in the hands of hundreds of animal-rights activists. Here are a few excerpts, as presented in the British Parliament:

“A simple tactic has been adopted recently. Pick your target. Throw a couple of rape alarms in their roof guttering or thick hedgerow, and leg it. Being kept awake at night hardly puts you in a good mood at work or with your family.”

“Another idea is to set off extra loud fireworks from a safe distance that will wake up [your victim] and everybody else for miles around.”

“From the comfort of your own home, you can swamp all these bastards with send no money offers. They cause huge inconvenience and can give them a bad credit rating. Order them taxis, pizzas, curries, etc, the possibilities are endless.”

“Think, think, think. Don’t lick stamps, use gloves when pasting stuff. No idle talk in pubs. Burn your shoes and clothes after your night of action.”

In bringing this document to light, MP Dr. Ian Gibson warned against “justifying terrorist activities that no right-thinking individual in any part of this planet would ever support.”

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