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Our Week In Review

If you’ve been reading the Center for Consumer Freedom’s Daily Headlines this week…

You know that Texans are being brow-beaten with anti-soda messages from their own government, and that UC Berkeley has caught on to one professor’s extreme anti-biotech agenda.

You’ve learned that PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk opposes the use of seeing-eye dogs, believes McDonald’s will stop serving meat in her lifetime, and wants her own flesh barbecued after she dies.

You’ve seen how some organic food marketers use junk science and activist campaigns to increase their market share, and how PETA’s traveling violence promoter likes to compare his critics with the KKK.

You’ve read about the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s master plan to gradually push America back to Prohibition, and about our groundbreaking report that exposes the Foundation’s ambitious agenda.

If you know someone who should be reading the Center for Consumer Freedom Daily Headlines, drop them an e-mail telling them to start!

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