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Quote of the Week

When Great Britain’s Daily Mail asked four average London moms what they thought about organic produce, we held our breath and expected a hearty helping of Greenpeace-inspired propaganda. But in her finished article, reporter Diana Appleyard announced that all four “believe they have been tricked by the great organic food revolution.”

Here’s what Annabel Karmel, a 41-year-old mother of three, had to say:

“Organic food is well beyond most people’s budget. There are strict guidelines on how much pesticide can be used, and if you’re worried, all you need to do is wash it. When you consider organic food is more expensive, doesn’t taste any better and has a more limited choice, I can’t see the point in buying it.

“When organic food first hit the supermarkets, it was presented as being the healthiest way of feeding your family. But organic food has not delivered what it promised….

“I really resent the way we have all been fooled into thinking that organic food is the best, when normal fruit and vegetables are perfectly fine. I spend no more than £100 a week on food, yet my children eat very healthily. You’re just paying for the word ‘organic’ on the label.”

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