‘Angry, Radical Idiots Seek Subjugated America’

Burning down buildings, vandalizing SUVs, and destroying biotech crop fields must have lost their allure for Craig Rosebraugh and Leslie Pickering, the so-called “spokesmen” at the center of the terrorist Earth Liberation Front. The Eugene, OR roommates have started a new organization — and this time, they’re targeting the U.S.A.

It’s called ARISSA (see above for our best guess on the name’s meaning); Pickering and Rosebraugh are calling it “a new revolutionary organization,” with emphasis squarely on “revolution.” Indeed, judging from its initial press release, ARISSA’s goal appears to be nothing short of political coup d’etat.

The release describes ARISSA as “an effort at building an effective revolutionary movement in the United States.” The Associated Press quoted Rosebraugh saying that “direct, strategic and severe action needed to be taken against the political structure itself in the United States.”

Craig Rosebraugh in particular is an apt front man for an armed revolt against the United States’ representative democracy. His graduate thesis was titled “Rethinking Nonviolence: Arguing for the Legitimacy of Armed Struggle,” and his standard stump speech in anarchist circles is titled “The Legitimacy of Political Violence.

He also made news in March by openly declaring war on America, providing eco-nuts all across the fruited plain with a 7-point plan to “severely disrupt … the overall functioning of U.S. society, particularly how it relates to consumerism and the economy.

It appears that the Earth Liberation Front is morphing into a specialized tool for those who would do our nation great harm. And lest we forget, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is among its institutional sugar daddies.

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