CCF Ad Targets Frivolous Obesity Lawsuits

Today the Center for Consumer Freedom unveils a new television commercial, warning Americans that unscrupulous trial lawyers are desperately looking for ways to make food their next tobacco-sized payday. Where most of us see dinner, they see dollar signs.

View this new ad here.

The humorous 30-second commercial is set in a courtroom, where a slick-looking attorney argues before a puzzled jury that the “reckless cookie baking business” of a mystery defendant has made his client fat. The lack of warning labels, he argues, along with “pretty pictures” on the cookie box, prove the defendant’s liability for enormous financial damages.

With a skeptical judge looking on, the lawyer peers over the stand and says with disgust: “You make them taste good on purpose, don’t you?” The mystery defendant is then revealed to be a doe-eyed girl in a scouting uniform, who replies: “I guess so.”

Beginning today, the ad will be airing nationally on CNN, the Fox News Channel, and MSNBC. To learn more, check out our analysis of the trial lawyers conference in Boston last weekend that was “intended to encourage and support litigation against the food industry.”

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