July 4th is traditionally the summer’s best time for a barbecue. On one of the biggest beef consumption days of the year, we are happy to say that the North American mad-cow scare of 2003 is most likely over.

This despite the antics of anti-consumer lunatics like those at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Following a single, isolated report of mad cow disease in Canada, PETA tried to scare Americans away from celebrating the Fourth with succulent steaks and juicy hamburgers.

Today, as we commemorate America’s independence, the Center for Consumer Freedom also celebrates a United States victory over fear-mongering activists and outrageous risk assesments. Whether you enjoy your steaks well-done or medium-rare, no amount of hand-wringing from anti-capitalist zealots or organic-agriculture activists can change the fact that ours is the safest food supply in the history of the world.

So fire up the grill, and enjoy your beef, chicken, pork — or a vegetable kebob, if you’re so inclined. It’s your food. It’s your drink. It’s your freedom.