PETA On Deadly Heat Wave: Save The Chickens

When the human race confronts its most harrowing experiences, one can reliably count on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to think of the chickens,” wrote Center for Consumer Freedom executive director Richard Berman in an April op-ed for USA Today. At the time, PETA was complaining that the chickens used by U.S. troops to detect chemical weapons in the Iraq war “never enlisted.”

Now, as a heat wave sweeps across a poorly air-conditioned Europe — killing 3,000 people in France alone — PETA is once again fretting about animals that were intended to be “roasters” anyway.

A London paper reports that the heat-related deaths of chickens in Europe “has led to a furious protest from animal rights group PETA, who have written to Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett demanding farmers who allows birds to suffer be prosecuted.”

For more on PETA’s disturbing tendency to champion animals in the midst of human suffering, visit our ActivistCash profile.

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