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Quote Of The Week

Writing yesterday in Canada’s National Post, John Luik argued that food cops are using children as an entrée into controlling all of our diets:

[T]his isn’t really about kids. Kids are only the opening campaign in the war on the fat — an easy first battle designed to soften us up for far more reaching interventions.

When it comes to eating, the fat haters have already made clear, we all have a child-like quality that leads not only to eating the “wrong” foods but eating them in quantities that are “inappropriate.” So the real kids aren’t the only target of the war on fat — the kid inside us all needs the guidance and discipline of the nanny state.

Judging by the rantings of Kelly Brownell, father of the “Twinkie tax,” Luik is absolutely right. In May 2002, Brownell told a U.S. Senate committee: “If children have healthy foods available, they’ll eat healthy foods. If they have unhealthy foods available, they’ll eat those … Animals will do the same thing when put in a cage.”

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