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Food Cops Bust The Whole Enchilada

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) plans to make fast-casual Mexican restaurants its latest pi&ntildeata. Sources tell the Center for Consumer Freedom that CSPI’s health scolds are set to issue yet another predictable diatribe against foods they don’t think Americans should enjoy.

This won’t be the first time CSPI has gone after Mexican food. In 1994 it called enchiladas and quesadillas “Tortilla Terror,” and reported: “only one of the dishes we tested — chicken fajitas — was decent enough to recommend … if you order it without the beans, sour cream, and guacamole.” (ellipsis in the original)

Last year’s CSPI “report” on pizza included such helpful reminders as: “add beef to your pizza at your own risk.” So we’re not expecting any great revelations this time around. But there is one major difference between CSPI’s food “studies” in 2003 and years past. CSPI’s latest report, on ice cream, was followed up with a letter warning ice cream vendors to post nutritional labels or be sued. The letter was co-signed by John “sue the bastards” Banzhaf and CSPI head Michael Jacobson.

Mexican food fans be warned: your favorite taco place might soon face a massive, CSPI-inspired lawsuit.

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