Quote Of The Week
(November 28th, 2003)
A recent broadcast of the German television show "Panorama" included a lengthy feature about People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and its most recent anti-meat project, the universally condemned "Holocaust on Your Plate" campaign. Among other things, the show featured read more here »

Thanksgiving Killjoys
(November 27th, 2003)
With all the friends and family and football and food, it's easy to forget that for a growing number of activists, the traditional Thanksgiving dinner is a four-letter word. The calorie cops want you to think that serving pecan pie after all that turkey and stuffing constitutes a death...
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ActivistCash Profiles Pseudo-Intellectual Jeremy Rifkin
(November 26th, 2003)
Our newest profile of a radical activist group that wants to control your food and beverage choices is now available on the award-winning ActivistCash.com website. It exposes the Foundation on Economic Trends (FOET), a platform for anti-technology guru Jeremy Rifkin. Lacking scientific...
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Tobacco Shark Predicts Future Of Food
(November 25th, 2003)
Regular readers know that John "Sue the Bastards" Banzhaf is leading the charge to haul food companies and restaurants into court to answer for their customers' love-handles. But Banzhaf is also one of the "masterminds" of litigation against the tobacco industry. Interviewed for an article...
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Thanksgiving Indemnification Agreement
(November 25th, 2003)
With the rise of frivolous lawsuits blaming obesity on restaurants and food companies, the Center for Consumer Freedom offers you a chance to be on the safe side this Thanksgiving. Our solution? A contract that will prevent your Turkey-Day guests from suing you. This document is designed to protect...
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PCRM: At It Again
(November 21st, 2003)
Once again the press has been duped by those animal-rights nuts in lab coats, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). This time around they're criticizing high-protein diets -- armed with "complaints" from visitors to a PCRM website. Although the site has been up since...
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Animal Rights Goes ‘Haute Cuisine’
(November 20th, 2003)
"If the extremists prevail, they will be taking a big step toward their ultimate goal of a vegan society," Sonoma Foie Gras farm owner Guillermo Gonzalez wrote in a letter to his fellow residents last week -- a prelude to yesterday's hearing on whether to ban the...
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Will The Ford Foundation Stop Bankrolling Violence?
(November 19th, 2003)
The $9 billion Ford Foundation has announced new grantmaking policies that would prevent future funding of some violent activist groups -- if Ford takes its own guidelines seriously. On Monday the giant money machine sent a letter to U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) admitting its...
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EU To Approve Biotech Crop
(November 18th, 2003)
For the first time since it established a moratorium on the approval of biotech crops in 1998, the European Union will allow a genetically enhanced food product to go on sale next month. The Luddites at Friends of the Earth (FoE) started read more here »

New York Times Says: You Are Too Stupid
(November 17th, 2003)
It's titled "The Smoke and Mirrors of Food Labeling," but a more appropriate headline for an article in The New York Times Saturday business section would have been "You Are Too Stupid To Feed Yourself." The article contends that nutrition labeling on packaged food "can confuse even...
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