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Thanksgiving Killjoys

With all the friends and family and football and food, it’s easy to forget that for a growing number of activists, the traditional Thanksgiving dinner is a four-letter word. The calorie cops want you to think that serving pecan pie after all that turkey and stuffing constitutes a death wish. And if the turkey isn’t organic, or free range, or made out of tofu, it’s bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. Last Thanksgiving, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals even tried to tie up the phones at a famous turkey-preparation hotline.

For the self-anointed enforcers of dietary virtue, controlling your eating habits the other 364 days of the year isn’t enough. Unfortunately, their party-pooper proclamations only intensify around Thanksgiving. If we get the bigger piece of the turkey’s wishbone today, we’ll ask that certain blowhards put the megaphone away, pick up a knife and fork, and just enjoy their meal for a change.

Thanksgiving offers us an opportunity to appreciate what is good. If only the killjoys would learn that.

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