Mad Cow News Update: Day Eight
(December 31st, 2003)
Read on for today's installment of news on the animal-rights, organic-food, and anti-capitalist activists who are trying to spin a minor agricultural incident into a major, nationwide fear of food. Some organic and vegetarian food marketers are trying to turn the mad cow situation to their commercial advantage. One claims...
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Mad Cow News Update: Day Seven
(December 30th, 2003)
As the news unfolds, we're staying on top of mad-cow hysteria and activist hype. Here's a sampling of what's on our radar screen today. A mad-cow-related editorial in the Las Vegas Review-Journal called "Candidates do no favors by promoting far-fetched fears" argues: "the greatest danger to America's...
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Mad Cow: Stories You Might Have Missed
(December 29th, 2003)
While our daily headlines provide an in-depth look at the biggest stories related to anti-consumer food and beverage activism, there are dozens more that we simply can't get to. Here's a sampling of the mad cow stories that have been on our plate today.

Columnist: Scared...
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The Mad Cow Scare: Day Six
(December 29th, 2003)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture and other authorities continue to assure us that our meat supply is safe -- and it appears that Americans believe them. Cheeseburger sales at fast-food restaurants seem unaffected. But if there's a chance for scaremongering about the American meat supply,...
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Militants Return To Fresno
(December 23rd, 2003)
Last year the Center for Consumer Freedom first broke the news that California State University at Fresno would host a conference on "Revolutionary Environmentalism," featuring violence promoters like high-seas pirate Paul Watson, convicted arsonist Rodney Coronado, former read more here »

RFK Jr. Sued For Making False Statements
(December 22nd, 2003)
Why didn't this happen earlier? The Associated Press reports that Waterkeeper Alliance president Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been sued by Polish pork farmers "over allegations he called the company a 'mafia organization.'" The suit asks that Kennedy be prevented from spreading...
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You’d Better Watch Out … for Christmas Lawsuits!
(December 19th, 2003)
As the United States becomes a "litigation nation" and trial lawyers line up to sue food restaurants and food companies for causing obesity, serving Christmas cookies has become a perilous proposition. Especially to the already obese -- like, for example, Santa Claus. But the Center for Consumer Freedom has...
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NY Times Magazine Writer Allies With Radical Food Activists
(December 18th, 2003)
At the end of last year, New York Times Magazine contributing editor Michael Pollan became a professor at UC Berkeley's graduate school of journalism. Most famous for his book The Botany of Desire and his New York Times Magazine cover...
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New Consumer Freedom Lawsuit Ad
(December 17th, 2003)
Starting today, CNN's "American Morning" is airing the Center for Consumer Freedom's newest television commercial. Click here to view the ad, which warns that trial lawyers are moving beyond ambulance chasing to an even more lucrative target: the food you eat. Most Americans...
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Animal Rights ‘Whistleblower’ Not Credible
(December 16th, 2003)
After he was fired from his job at a chicken processing plant, Virgil Butler morphed into an animal-rights crusader. A little over a week ago, the Los Angeles Times featured Butler on its front page, proclaiming that he has "electrified animal-rights activists around the globe." Perhaps that's so --...
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