While our daily headlines provide an in-depth look at the biggest stories related to anti-consumer food and beverage activism, there are dozens more that we simply can’t get to. Here’s a super-sized portion of what’s been on our plate since Thanksgiving Day.

Center for Consumer Freedom’s Thanksgiving legal waiver featured in the Washington Times

LA Times: Animal-rights nuts get chilly reception at Sonoma City Council meeting

Columnist: mandatory restaurant menu labeling is “hogwash”

Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinch (D-Greenpeace) brags of “endorsements” from fictional animals, mystical creatures

Support for “fat tax” rising in New Zealand

Low-carb doctors’ detailed rebuttal to anti-meat “Physicians Committee”

Vermont activists starting up again with anti-biotech town meetings

North Dakota official: large-scale livestock agriculture “key” to growing economy

StarLink biotech corn fears persist, despite no evidence of harm

Law professor: Seed-pirate Percy Schmeiser is “a cult figure … in the anti-globalization movement”

Ford Foundation apology for funding terrorists doesn’t satisfy one U.S. Senator