Quote Of The Week
(March 31st, 2004)
How do celebrities aligned with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals deal with inner conflict? How do they silence the little common-sense voice in their heads that says it's okay to eat meat and wear leather? Easy. They do whatever they want and scold the rest...
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Food Cops Still Hop On Pop
(March 30th, 2004)
Our nation's diet scolds are running out of reasons to pick on soda pop. Researchers at Virginia Tech's Center for Food and Nutritional Policy (CFNP) have found that calcium intake among adolescents does not appear to be linked to soft drink consumption. CFNP director Maureen Storey explains:...
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Good News: The Bad News Is Wrong
(March 29th, 2004)
Last Friday, speaking at a Food and Drug Administration Workshop on Food Fears, the Center for Consumer Freedom unmasked the perpetrators behind our nation's phony food scares. By exposing the politics and money that drives the scaremongers, CCF showed the FDA why it should discount the claims of agenda-driven...
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Mercury-In-Fish Scare All Wet
(March 26th, 2004)
Another hour, another day, another over-hyped food scare from the usual suspects. At a press conference today, Environmental Working Group (EWG) president Ken Cook proclaimed that "unsafe" mercury levels in fish were endangering pregnant women and their children. The conference was organized by David Fenton's...
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‘Green Science’ Is Weird Science
(March 25th, 2004)
What do food activists do when science isn't on their side? They repackage it or make it up. Writing for the online magazine Health Facts and Fears, University of Houston professor and published food-safety author Dr. Thomas DeGregori exposes "Green science" -- something he says emerges when...
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Food Cop Won’t Stop
(March 24th, 2004)
The diet scolds at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) will not rest until every food morsel in America is taxed, labeled, regulated, and given the food-cop seal of approval. This week in a Houston Chronicle op-ed, CSPI executive director Michael Jacobson...
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Quote Of The Week
(March 23rd, 2004)
Cornell law professor Douglas Kysar is still in tantrum mode two weeks after the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed Rep. Ric Keller's (R-FL) "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act." Keller's bill would protect food providers from frivolous obesity lawsuits. In yesterday's Orlando Sentinel, Kysar...
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Hollywood To Immortalize Extremist
(March 22nd, 2004)
Paul Watson, Sierra Club board member and "captain" of the violent Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), recently sat down with The Oregonian and waxed philosophical on everything from his explosively controversial plans for the Sierra Club to an upcoming movie documenting his ship-sinking...
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PETA’s New Low
(March 19th, 2004)
"This is a sickening trivialization of the suffering of Holocaust victims," said an elderly Holocaust survivor. "It is disgusting that people would stoop so low as to use the Holocaust as an advertising gimmick." Such is the reaction to People for the Ethical Treatment of...
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PETA Wants Constitutional Amendment For Fish
(March 18th, 2004)
Sorry, crustaceans and reptiles. You didn't make People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' list of animals that deserve protection under their proposed constitutional amendment, which declares "all mammals, birds, and fish will, henceforth, be defined as 'persons' in the eyes of the law." Of...
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