Unspeakable? Ask the Prime Minister.

In its apparent quest to offend absolutely everyone, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has once again pushed the bounds of decency too far. Speaking of PETA’s new billboard campaign running in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver, Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin commented angrily: “that kind of publicity is just not acceptable.” What earned PETA this stinging rebuke from a head of state? Frankly, it’s too repulsive for us to repeat. But targeted Canadians are already voicing their disgust, telling reporters “This is terrible,” and “It makes me sick to my stomach.” The campaign’s chief defender is PETA director Bruce Friedrich, who enjoys lecturing activists about the virtues of “blowing stuff up and smashing windows” to achieve “total animal liberation.”

If you’re as sickened as we are, consider adding your name to our petition asking the IRS to revoke PETA’s federal tax exemption. Canada’s chief executive is pushing back. Now it’s your turn.

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