While our daily headlines provide an in-depth look at the biggest stories related to anti-consumer food and beverage activism, there are dozens more that we simply can’t get to. Here’s a sampling of what’s been on our plate today.

Once a thief, always a thief: Canadian Supreme Court rules against anti-technology cult hero Percy Schmeiser.

Finger an ELF, make some cash: FBI announces $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of university firebombers.

Columnist: “One of the lovely things about being a Green preacher is that the media usually lets you get away with being a sanctimonious hypocrite.”

The New York Times explains biotech’s burden: “[T]he time and money involved in clearing regulatory hurdles make it uneconomical to apply biotechnology to any but the most widely grown crops.”

UK party spokesperson on the dangers of radical animal-rights activists: “Tactics that have been employed include publishing images of employees and inciting or encouraging supporters to target them, and publishing names and home addresses of employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and professionals, who are then often attacked, intimidated, fire-bombed or sent hate mail.”