Latest Fat Study Falls Flat
(December 29th, 2004)
Just in time for your New Year's resolutions, the obesity scaremongers at the Harvard School of Public Health cooked up another statistical stew that's just as hard to swallow as their previous broadsides. In a widely publicized study published last week by...
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The Money Pit, Charity Edition
(December 28th, 2004)
A new report from New York's attorney general notes that several food activist groups actually lost money during fundraising efforts in the Big Apple. The state's top law enforcement official warned: "This report is a reminder to make informed decisions before contributing hard-earned...
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Food Cops Don’t Make UK’s Top 50 List
(December 27th, 2004)
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has issued its list of "50 things to eat before you die" -- and with it, a rebuke of nutrition scolds and animal rights activists bent on controlling our food choices. While we can't vouch for everything on the viewer-voted...
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PETA Hooks The Worm
(December 22nd, 2004)
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) picked up another prestigious celebrity endorsement this week when former NBA star Dennis "The Worm" Rodman signed on to the group's anti-fur campaign. The ever-so-ethical Rodman -- who was once forced to pay a fine of $25,000...
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Fat Fears Go Up In Smoke
(December 21st, 2004)
Instead of addressing the hundreds of individual factors that influence our weight, the and trial lawyers have honed in on food -- arguably the most lucrative target. At the same time, they've ignored a crucial factor that is the subject of an article in Sunday's New York...
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Christmas Cookie Liability Waiver – The Santa ‘Clause’
(December 20th, 2004)
If you think Santa should be handing out presents instead of fat lawsuits, watch out: Jolly Old Saint Nick could sue your knickers off if a trial lawyer convinces him that your Christmas cookies made him fat. The plump old elf makes an inviting client for Grinch-like lawyers --...
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CCF On CNN’s Crossfire
(December 17th, 2004)
This week, CNN’s Paul Begala fell prey to one of the most over-hyped, and admittedly erroneous fat myths -- that obesity supposedly kills 400,000 Americans a year. This blunder came Wednesday, when the Center for Consumer Freedom joined Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) Executive Director read more here »

Meet The (Terrorist) Press
(December 16th, 2004)
When militant animal-rights icons Jerry Vlasak and Steven Best opened a new "Animal Liberation Press Office" (ALPO) to pass on "anonymous" claims of terrorism, they weren't exactly innovating. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and Earth Liberation Front (ELF) already had a long history of proffering "spokespersons"...
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We Need Your Help!
(December 15th, 2004)
Happy Holidays! It's the time to share food, drink, and cheer with family and friends, and we'd like to toast all of you who have supported us this year. But we need your help to continue our fight. Please consider making a tax deductible donation before...
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Hail To The Blimp?
(December 13th, 2004)
Even as his doctors announced that he had "superior" fitness, President George W. Bush said yesterday that he's now "a little overweight" after putting on about five pounds during the last 17 months of campaigning. Actually, the president's own government has considered him...
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