Puppy-Killer PETA, Chew On Your Own Words

Just one month after the Center for Consumer Freedom launched a website exposing the literal skeletons in PETA’s closet — that it has killed more than 12,400 animals since 1998 — two PETA employees were arrested in North Carolina for dumping the corpses of cats and dogs (including two “very adoptable” kittens) behind a Piggly Wiggly supermarket. Police, who say the dumpster death-toll was about 100 over a four week span, caught the PETA workers discarding the animal bodies from a PETA van. Since authorities have levied 31 counts of felony animal cruelty against each PETA employee, it seems like a good time to recall PETA’s holier-than-thou statements about cruelty to animals. You can bet PETA won’t live up to the standards it set in the following very real and very ironic statements:

From a PETA op-ed titled “Violence toward animals is just the beginning”: “Psychiatrists, FBI profilers, and law enforcement officials have repeatedly documented that people who are cruel to animals are likely to turn that violence against humans.”

From a PETA press release: PETA Demands Vigorous Prosecution Of Alleged Animal Killer

From a PETA press release: PETA Demands Lifetime Ban On Animal Ownership, Jail Time If Alleged Queens Dog Abuser Is Convicted

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