Is this the face of the nation’s obesity “epidemic”? Fat chance. But if you believe the federal government’s official guidelines, President Bush — at 5’11” and 191 pounds — is “overweight.” This comes despite the weekend’s news that Bush is probably the fittest president in U.S. history.

So how’d he become “fit for duty”? Exercise and a healthy dose of personal responsibility.

In December, coming off the campaign trail, Bush acknowledged he’d gained a little weight. But since then he took the initiative and lost eight pounds, bringing him down to 191. Noting that he exercises six times a week, The Washington Post reports that Bush’s routine includes: “mountain biking at up to 18 mph for 15 miles to 20 miles a week; doing low-impact ‘hill work’ on a treadmill; and free weight resistance training and stretching.”

President Bush is just one more reminder that we don’t need big-government solutions and new regulations like fat taxes and zoning restrictions to lose a few pounds.

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