PETA Spins A Strategy For Kids: ‘Bait & Tackle’
(November 30th, 2005)
It's hard to imagine a more cynical communications strategy than targeting small children behind their parents' backs, lying to them, and then misleading a national TV audience about it all. But that's just what People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has done in a pair...
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Obliterating Obesity Orthodoxy
(November 29th, 2005)
Last April when Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers released a study putting the number of overweight- and obesity-related deaths at 26,000 -- one-fifteenth the agency's original estimate of 400,000 -- some critics questioned the science. A few even hatched outlandish conspiracy theories that...
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Learn More About The Turkeys At Farm Sanctuary
(November 28th, 2005)
We hope you had a festive and relaxing Thanksgiving, with digestion undisturbed by bird-flu hysteria or nosy food police. But most of all, we hope you weren't distracted from your holiday feast by the gobblings of the animal-rights activists at Farm Sanctuary. Every year the group's...
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PETA Targets Kids. Again.
(November 22nd, 2005)
"Everything we do is based at adults." So said People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) president Ingrid Newkirk on CNN in 2002. If that's the case, we're left asking: How does Newkirk explain "Freda Fish's" recent read more here »

Doctor Clips Wings Of Bird-Flu Hysteria
(November 21st, 2005)
"There's no denying that the bird flu is very bad for birds," begins a recent column by New York Newsday's Ellis Henican. Over 150 million birds have been killed as a precaution, not because they actually had bird flu. But what does the bird flu mean to...
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Promoting Racism At PETA?
(November 18th, 2005)
On Tuesday night, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) used its teen-themed "blog" to link to material that strayed unusually far from the group's typical save-the-chickens rhetoric. The link pointed to a speech in which Kamau Kambon, a recent North Carolina State...
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Don’t Sue The Hand That Feeds You
(November 17th, 2005)
Click here to download our "Thanksgiving Guest Liability and Indemnification Agreement"

This Thanksgiving, as you and yours gather around the table to give thanks, be sure to have a signed copy of the Center for Consumer Freedom's Thanksgiving Guest Liability and...
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Wish Luddite Vandal A Bon Voyage To Prison
(November 16th, 2005)
French activist-turned-farmer-turned-activist Jose Bove got a ticket back to prison yesterday for his role in destroying a field of corn. The corn's "problem"? It was genetically enhanced to increase its yield. This crop-smashing incident is hardly Bove's first. He has a long record of...
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2 Studies, 1 More Victory For Fitness
(November 15th, 2005)
The Associated Press reported today: "People who exercise can add three years to their life, and their hearts reap benefits from something as simple as brisk walking a half-hour a day, two studies suggest." The new findings echo research highlighted in our soon-to-be-published book, which will...
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PETA Too Chicken To Admit Truth About Birds, Comedy Ensues
(November 14th, 2005)
Last month Washington Post humor columnist Gene Weingarten asked himself what our lives would be like if dogs were as dumb as chickens. Predictably, Weingarten wrote in his column yesterday, the folks at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were not...
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