Corn Syrup Ban Supported By Gooey Thinking
(January 31st, 2006)
Apparently lacking better things to do, the Florida House of Representatives is considering a law that would ban high-fructose corn syrup from Florida public schools. Not only is this sweetener found in soft drinks, it is also used in granola bars, breakfast cereals, mustard, and...
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Time to Close PETA Down?
(January 30th, 2006)
In their failed attempt to fry arch-foe KFC, the nutball leaders of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have tried every publicity-seeking trick in the book. They've sent protesters to cause a spectacle outside restaurants. They paid to re-paint a hearse with...
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Another One For The Self-Serving Fat Fighter File
(January 26th, 2006)
Contra Costa (California) County supervisor Mark DeSaulnier needs to go on the zoning diet -- he's clearly power-hungry. DeSaulnier seems to have taken a cue from other politicians further south, proposing Tuesday that the county study ways to restrict the number of fast-food restaurants. His justification,...
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Fish Are Also Safe To Eat On The Radio
(January 25th, 2006)
Fed up with all the myths about mercury in fish, this week the Center for Consumer Freedom launched a new radio advertising campaign to flush these toxic myths out of our system. Between irresponsible reporting and a host of fear-mongering activists, it's hard to keep your...
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A Fish Story You Can Actually Believe
(January 24th, 2006)
We recently received an e-mail from David, a reader who had fallen victim to scare-mongering over mercury in fish. There are over a dozen activist groups committed to spreading mercury poisoning myths, and the best antidote is truth. After visiting, David told us his own story...
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Are They Arsonists? Dr. ALF Can’t Decide
(January 23rd, 2006)
It's hard not to be a bit confused by the most recent animal-rights rhetoric from former Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine spokesman Dr. Jerry Vlasak. Shortly after Friday's announcement of eleven landmark federal indictments against suspected Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and Animal Liberation Front (ALF)...
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First, They Came For The Dodgeballs
(January 19th, 2006)
Desperately mining the pits of legal theory in search of support for his next lawsuit, George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf recently produced another gem. Last month he wrote to school boards throughout the country, warning them that in the event of a lawsuit against...
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Food Police’s Lawsuit Insults Personal Responsibility, Science
(January 18th, 2006)
Today the better-living-through-litigation squad at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) held a press conference to announce an audacious new lawsuit against two companies involved with advertising food during children's television programs. At $25 per "violation," CSPI threatened that "the verdict could be...
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(January 17th, 2006)
This weekend National Public Radio listeners heard a Living on Earth story, prompted by the Center for Consumer Freedom's website, about the growing debate over trace amounts of mercury in fish. (To listen to the broadcast, click here.) "You shouldn't be...
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PETA Protester Protested
(January 16th, 2006)

This photo (more here) was sent to us by reader cf_river_rat. His friend Clyde is enjoying a little fried chicken -- and reminding the public that PETA kills animals -- beside a PETA activist in a (presumably less delicious) chicken suit. Continue...
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