Fed up with all the myths about mercury in fish, this week the Center for Consumer Freedom launched a new radio advertising campaign to flush these toxic myths out of our system. Between irresponsible reporting and a host of fear-mongering activists, it’s hard to keep your bearings and find a balanced perspective. That’s where our new seafood spot comes in. A sampling:

According to the latest study, all those kids in Japan who eat enough fish to choke a whale have been cheating to get those high math and science scores. If you do eat fish, the latest study claims you could grow gills or start responding to the name Flipper.

Give it a listen to remind yourself just how ridiculous the mercury hype is (and don’t forget to visit FishScam.com). While you’re at it, be sure to check out what the “latest studies” are saying about meat and soda. We’d especially like to recommend the “latest studies” on meat — our radio ad now features new-fangled “video” technology as well.