The More You Weigh, The More You Pay
(March 31st, 2006)
This month's issue of Esquire features a profile of eccentric Texas millionaire Irwin Leba, who has made it his life's mission to persuade Congress to tax American fat -- the kind that's in people, not the kind in food. [Warning: As befits such a weighty topic, there's...
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PETA ‘Vegetarian’ Rapper: ‘Meat Ain’t Murder, It’s What’s For Dinner!’
(March 30th, 2006)
Last week we told you about Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon, the PETA-promoted "vegetarian" celebrity who told a daytime talk-show audience that "everything's better with bacon." Now the animal rights group is promoting hip-hop stars Phonte and Big Pooh as vegetarian ambassadors, using a video...
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Fighting Bans In The Name Of Personal Responsibility
(March 29th, 2006)
This week we caught wind of a battle emerging in California that has made-for-TV-movie written all over it. In it, a ragtag band of high schools students -- led by the affable Rocky Slaughter (who would of course be played by washed-up C-list PETA...
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O Canada! Our Fat-Taxed Native Land!?
(March 28th, 2006)
It looks like bad ideas don't stop at the border: Last week Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai, the president of the Canadian Medical Association, called on the fat tax to combat childhood obesity woes. "She's in good company," commented Bill Jeffery of the read more here »

Why Do People Care What This Man Thinks?
(March 27th, 2006)
"Documentarian" Morgan Spurlock scored some coveted media attention this weekend by giving a profanity-laden speech to Pennsylvania high school students on Friday, during which he also found some time to make fun of the "retarded kids in the back wearing helmets." The student body...
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Animal-rights groups hide violent subculture
(March 25th, 2006)
Given the animated debate over the use of live animals in medical education ("Wisconsin medical school's dog research draws scrutiny," March 12), it is worthwhile, I feel, to take a close look at the practice's chief antagonists: the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, or PCRM.

The misnamed "physicians...
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HSUS Seafood ‘Boycott’ Smells Fishy
(March 24th, 2006)
When is a boycott not a boycott? When animal rights zealots at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) organize it. Last night Canada's Global National television network broadcast a nationwide report based on the Center for Consumer Freedom's investigation of HSUS's Canadian...
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Humane Society of the United States Promotes Phony Canadian-Seafood Boycott
(March 23rd, 2006)
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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island -- The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has published a list of restaurants and seafood companies supposedly boycotting Canadian seafood. But 78 percent of the listed companies contacted by the nonprofit Center for...
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California’s fish story has a twist
(March 23rd, 2006)
In arguing that California's food regulators should be permitted to enforce stricter standards than what federal government scientists believe is prudent, Al Meyerhoff and Carl Pope cited the well-worn example of mercury in fish (Opinion, March 21).

If the authors were familiar with the scientific literature on...
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Neuse Riverkeeper Way Off the Mark
(March 23rd, 2006)
The Neuse Riverkeeper is way off the mark in suggesting that fish from North Carolina's coastal waters are unsafe to eat. .
In a scary news release, the riverkeeper relied on a federal Environmental Protection Agency standard called the "Water Quality Criterion"...
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