Chicagoans Force-Fed Animal Rights Nonsense
(April 28th, 2006)
Ducking the opportunity to stand up to animal-rights extremists, the Chicago City Council voted on Wednesday to outlaw the sale of the delicacy foie gras. The New York Daily News reported that its own city's council had nothing but mockery for the decision (" read more here »

The Latest Reason Not to Worry About Mercury
(April 27th, 2006)
Despite their snazzy Internet campaigns, well-publicized investigations, and scary language ("Tuna Roulette!", "The Mercury Menace!"), green-group activists can't change the simple fact that the mercury levels in the fish we typically eat pose zero health risk to consumers. But there's more to the story. read more here »

Passing The Buck
(April 25th, 2006)
If you can never say no to your kids' food requests, why not have the government do it for you? We've already seen the same thing threatened in court, and now an op-ed in Newsday begs for the same release from parental responsibility. Contributor Claudia Gryvatz Copquin...
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PETA Celeb Eats Fish: ‘Nobody’s Perfect’
(April 24th, 2006)
In the past few weeks we've shared stories about the various celebrities promoted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who don't actually toe their radical animal-rights line -- including Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon ("Everything's better with bacon!"), rap group Little Brother ("Meat ain't murder,...
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A Bird Flu In The Hand…
(April 21st, 2006)
Today The Washington Post published a panic-stricken editorial on American hospitals' inability to handle all the victims of an entirely hypothetical flu outbreak. The predictions of a drastic shortage of hospital beds were calculated using models based on the 1918 flu pandemic, a comparison which makes about...
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Quote Of The Week
(April 20th, 2006)
"What's next - a pork chop on top? I'm always amazed - they can always go one step further than I can imagine." So lamented Center for Science in the Public Interest senior nutritionist/food scold Jayne Hurley in response to a new Hardee's burger which features...
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Eating: Now With Reduced Joy
(April 19th, 2006)
Investigators recently discovered another victim of food police brutality: happiness. A survey released by the Pew Research Center today found that the percentage of Americans who truly enjoy eating has dropped considerably since 1989, from 48 percent then to 39 percent today. That may not seem like...
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Public Radio Clash Of The Tuna Titans
(April 18th, 2006)
National Public Radio's "Science Friday" tackled the mercury-in-fish issue last week with a debate pitting hard science against environmental journalism. The University of Rochester's Dr. Gary Myers (the leader of a 20-year-long scientific study of mercury in the Seychelles...
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PETA Earns Its Thirty Pieces Of Silver
(April 17th, 2006)
While hundreds of millions of families prepared to celebrate Easter this weekend, the fanatics at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took advantage of the occasion to spread some disturbing holiday "cheer." In Austria, PETA mock-crucified activists wearing masks of pigs and other animals...
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Colorado Ratifies Good Sense And Good Science
(April 14th, 2006)
With veto pen in hand, Colorado Governor Bill Owens nixed a bill that would have dictated to the state's schools exactly what their vending machines could and could not stock. In his veto letter, Owens condemned "legislation that micromanages school districts and their...
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