Because You Should Pay More For Food
(May 31st, 2006)
Last night's broadcast of Paula Zahn Now on CNN included a debate between a staunch opponent of consumer freedom and an equally steadfast supporter, arguing over that most absurd of food police proposals: the fat tax. Veteran trial lawyer John Banzhaf led off in favor of...
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Former Food Puritan Pounds Paranoid Policies
(May 30th, 2006)
Early in my children's lives, I was a no-sugar, no-fat mom, the legacy of my own childhood with a constantly dieting mother. I thought I was doing the right thing, until a friend told me that every time my children stayed at her house, the first thing they did...
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Putting People Over Poultry
(May 26th, 2006)
Animal-rights fanatics have become increasingly adept at media spin. Nowadays, if given a platform by the press, they frame their "animal liberation" activities as compassionate as well as protected by the right to free speech. Witness the coverage of the movement's latest martyr, Adam Durand. A native of Rochester, New...
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CSPI On Obesity: Leavitt To Personal Responsibility? Never!
(May 24th, 2006)
Just a few days before they started moving the goalposts on drinks in school vending machines, the food cops decided they needed to police an even bigger target: the government. Late last month the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) sent a letter to read more here »

Arizonan Animal Activist Deserts Truth
(May 23rd, 2006)
We don't know what it is, but there's something about Arizona that seems to attract deceptive animal-rights activists. Last year we told you about activists' efforts to get unscientific, misleading agriculture bans placed on the ballot, led by the New York-based Farm Sanctuary (a group which read more here »

Girl Scouts: A Cuter Al-Qaeda
(May 22nd, 2006)
In case you missed your morning dose of crazy, check out the column in yesterday's New York Times entitled "Killer Girl Scouts." Op-ed writer Nicholas Kristof frets: "I've been taking my daughter around the block lately, helping her unload Girl Scout cookies on obliging neighbors - and...
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Mercury Decision: Baseless Fish Scares ‘Could Have Adverse Health Consequences’
(May 19th, 2006)
This week we've explored a recent California court decision that may pave the way for common sense among the fish-eating public. Before refusing to allow California's Attorney General to require warning signs everywhere canned tuna is sold, Judge Robert Dondero heard thorough...
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Mercury Decision: Faroe Fiction
(May 18th, 2006)
This week we've been exploring the juiciest tidbits from California's decisive mercury-in-tuna court ruling. Armed with hard science and free from the influence of activist fearmongers, Judge Robert Dondero ruled that an overzealous Attorney General can't force warning labels on cans of heart-healthy fish. Dondero concluded...
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Mercury Decision: ‘Expert Witness’ Misled The Court
(May 17th, 2006)
Last week's landmark canned-tuna court decision was full of twists and turns. Who would have thought that mercury in fish is "naturally occurring"? Or that tuna, long the environmental movement's whipping-fish (see here, here, and here), actually had very low mercury...
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Mercury Decision: ‘Virtually All’ Mercury In Ocean Fish Is ‘From Natural Sources’
(May 16th, 2006)
On Friday, when the scales of justice swung in California's landmark mercury-in-tuna court case, they hit some cherished environmental dogma squarely in the face. Green groups have long held that the trace amounts of methylmercury in fish (tuna being the most oft-cited example) are the result of...
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