It’s difficult to find a glowing review of Fast Food Nation, the forthcoming film adaptation of Eric Schlosser’s book. The Times of London calls it “a kind of Syriana-lite for a more unsophisticated palate.” The Village Voice says it “lacks satiric energy.” The Hollywood Reporter declares the film “disappointing” and “punchless.” And amateur-reviewer verdicts range from “factory-processed turkey” to “a lesson plan from PETA … The knocking of fast-food ensues and so do yawns.”

A lesson plan from PETA? The Los Angeles Times noted last week (reprinted in yesterday’s South Florida Sun-Sentinel) that director Richard Linklater is a vegetarian. “It was never for my health,” Linklater told the Times. “It started from [the] animal rights movement.” We liked this guy much more when all he cared about was scoring Aerosmith tickets.