Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is (Still) Pammy

We’ve told you before about Pam Anderson’s apparent struggles with the philosophical rigors of being a spokes-blonde for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). In addition to indulging in hair dye, breast implants, and collagen injections (all tested on animals), she has appeared on behalf of the American Liver Foundation, which supports medical research using animals. (Pam herself has Hepatitis C.) And now PETA reportedly has its
in an uproar over her investment in BlackSteel, a new Hollywood restaurant that serves such vegetarian fare as ham-hock ravioli, lamb chops, lobster tails, and that animal-rights culinary sin of sins, foie gras.

BlackSteel’s website describes the former Baywatch babe as a “partner.” And PETA itself was one of just two financial beneficiaries of the eatery’s opening-night charity gala. But now Tinseltown’s gossip-mill is buzzing with tales of PETA’s discontent with the newly-remarried Anderson.

Janet Charlton’s Hollywood notes that Pam “wants a peaceful partnership and certainly doesn’t want PETA on her back, so this is the dilemma she’ll come home to when the honeymoon is over. The question is: will PETA turn on one of their own and hurl red paint on the bride?”

And the popular Paparazzi weblog A Socialite’s Life speculates that Pam’s relationship with PETA might soon be on the outs. This is how editor Lisa Timmons sums up the whole BlackSteel episode: “Next thing we know, we’re going to find out your breasts are really made of veal.”

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