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Paris Hilton Selling Tofu?

This one’s too eye-opening to pass up. A website called has sprung up to feature one filmmaker’s (slightly unorthodox) look at life under the food police. The video is a parody of the infamous “Spicy Paris” commercial released last year to the consternation of food cops worldwide. While the filmmaker’s note indicates his anger at those who would tell him what he can or can’t eat (a sentiment we certainly share), it also appears to be a subtle (okay, not-so-subtle) jab at those who claim food marketing has god-like power to determine our choices. Is that the case here? Can a woman washing a car really sell tofu and sprouts? Decide for yourself.

That’s the great thing about the Internet: Anybody with a camcorder and a dream can share that dream with the world. Check out examples like this, this, and this to see what we mean.

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