Food Cops Lighten Up (Limited Time Only)
(October 31st, 2006)
While kids across the country look forward to donning their scariest masks tonight (and pets are being made to wear their most embarrassing costumes, much to the chagrin of animal rights activists), America's food police are being compelled by common decency to take off their own...
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CSPI’s Non-Withdrawal Withdrawal
(October 30th, 2006)
KFC announced today that it plans to switch to a chicken-frying oil that's free of trans fats, a move that appears to have reheated the cold hearts of the food police at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). Said food cops have...
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We Spell Hypocrisy P-E-T-A
(October 27th, 2006)
Sometime today, two employees of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are expected to turn themselves over to Southampton, VA police to face charges of grand and petty larceny. Earlier this week, Carrie Beth Edwards and Andrea Florence Benoit, riding in a PETA-owned van, allegedly...
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Obesity Hype Makes The News — Literally
(October 26th, 2006)
We all "know" the overused obesity myths: obesity kills 400,000 Americans annually, that it costs the nation $117 billion a year, and that today's children will be the first generation to lead shorter lives than their parents. These obesity myths are well and good, but...
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Breast Cancer (And Animal Rights) Awareness On The Air
(October 25th, 2006)
As National Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close, the Center for Consumer Freedom is taking the opportunity to remind the public that the animal activists are among the biggest obstacles to a cure. We're running a new television ad in Arizona, which has...
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Future (Vegetable-Only) Farmers Of America?
(October 24th, 2006)
This week Indianapolis hosts the national convention of Future Farmers of America (FFA), which has helped educate generations of young American farmers-to-be. Many FFA members grow up to put steaks, pork chops, drumsticks, milk, and eggs on our tables. The group's best known program involves...
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CCF Posts Stirring Defense Of Food Freedom
(October 23rd, 2006)
Ever tenacious in our defense of liberty, the Center for Consumer Freedom took to New York newsprint again this weekend to fight the anxiety spread by scaremongers looking to regulate away Americans' food choices. Writing in Sunday's New York Post, CCF struck a blow for freedom with the...
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Activist Reaction To Improved Food Safety Is A Little Sickening
(October 20th, 2006)
This week the Associated Press reported some news that should be reassuring in the wake of the contaminated-spinach scare: Our food supply -- especially meat and poultry -- might be safer now "than at any other time in the last decade, with illness occurring at record-low rates,...
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The Sound Of Silence
(October 19th, 2006)
It's been over 30 days since E. coli-contaminated spinach sickened more than 200 Americans and killed three. Why haven't we heard anything from the nutrition and food safety "authorities" at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)? Self-described as a group that works for nutritional "health promotion,"...
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Divide Grows Between Biotech Reality and Activist Rhetoric
(October 19th, 2006)
David Blaine's got nothing on the minions of the anti-biotech movement. If you want to see a truly stupendous exercise in smoke-and-mirrors and misdirection, look no further than people like Jose Bové and Ségolène Royal, or groups like Greenpeace...
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