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Trans Fat Banners Beware: We’re Everywhere

With the nation buzzing about the New York City government’s plan to (literally) dictate what Big Apple denizens can eat in restaurants, we spotted what education professionals call a “teachable moment.” And we’re taking the opportunity to remind New Yorkers that the Food Police aren’t mythical superheroes, and trans fats aren’t poison. Yesterday New York’s Daily News took note of our latest advertising push, featuring our award-winning “Smash” commercial:

A national group opposed to the city’s proposed ban on trans fats responded yesterday with a vivid commercial that takes aim at the “food police.” In the opening scene, an ice cream is snatched from a child’s hand. In another, a man getting ready to enjoy a hot dog is crestfallen when an unseen person grabs it and takes it away. “Everywhere you turn, someone’s telling us what we can’t eat,” the narrator says.

To see the humorous ad for yourself, click here.

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