We kept our fingers crossed, but it seems that New York City’s glory-hungry Board of Health couldn’t resist the temptation to ban a politically unpopular food ingredient. Undaunted, this morning the Center for Consumer Freedom unleashed our response, on the pages of the New York Post and USA TODAY.

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal covered the likely impact of New York’s heavy-handed decision to ban trans fats, under the headline “New York Trans-Fat Ban Could Spread.” As if to confirm this trend, Chicago Alderman Ed Smith told the Sun-Times: “It’s highly possible that Chicago could be next … When these things begin to pass around the country, it has the tendency to have a ripple effect.

It’s not surprising that the Second City would follow New York in banning trans fats. Alderman Ed Burke has already proposed the idea, using another foolish ban (on the French delicacy foie gras) as justification.