Quote Of The Week

A tip of the Consumer Freedom hat this morning to KFC spokeswoman Laurie Schalow, whose candor about the lunatics at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) turned up in this morning’s New York Times. When KFC’s parent company made an offer to purchase some real estate for a future Taco Bell location, it turned out that PETA was the owner. The animal-rights group later offered to give away the property — in exchange for a wholesale shift in how KFC suppliers slaughter chickens. Quoth KFC’s Schalow in the Times:

"We don’t do business with corporate terrorists and, therefore, we no longer have any interest in this property."

In June 2005 the newsletter of Norfolk’s Ghent Neighborhood League reported that PETA intended to open "a high-end thrift store" at the location (201 East 20th Street, in case anyone wants to check it out). But the City Council turned down PETA’s re-zoning application by a 5-2 vote — in no small part because the planned shop’s neighbors (read: future PETA targets) would have included an existing KFC, a fast-food restaurant, a pizza parlor, and a seafood restaurant.

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