PETA Trial, Day 5 and 6

Prosecutors in the PETA animal cruelty trial wrapped up their side of the case yesterday afternoon. And so far the defense team’s witnesses have done little to contest the major allegations established by the state:Most, if not all, of the animals PETA employees Adria Hinkle and Andrew Cook allegedly killed were perfectly healthy and adoptable.Hinkle and Cook repeatedly assured the people they collected the pets from that they would try to find the animals adoptive homes.Those assurances were complete lies — Hinkle and Cook never had any intention of doing anything with the animals other than kill them with the drugs in their PETA-owned van. Hinkle and Cook threw bags full of the animals they had just killed into a dumpster. Truth be told, it’s not clear yet whether these facts legally add up to felony-level animal cruelty. But whether or not Hinkle and Cook are convicted is largely irrelevant to the staggering revelation that a group advocating "right" for animals unapologetically kills healthy dogs and cats by the thousands. Click here for a full wrap-up of Day 5. Click here for Day 6, and click here for a few thoughts from the residents of the community still reeling from PETA’s heartlessness.

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