Transfat Police
(February 28th, 2007)

Larry Wright

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Punchline Press Conference
(February 27th, 2007)
You may catch more flies with honey than vinegar, but it takes a box full of cookies to attract the press. Never one to come to a party empty-handed, representatives from the Center for Consumer Freeedom attended a press conference held by the Center for Science in the...
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Mercury-In-Fish Activists Flailing In Wake of Scientific Bombshell
(February 26th, 2007)
It's been a little over a week since the prestigious medical journal The Lancet published a groundbreaking study in which researchers found that the government's hyper-precautionary mercury-in-fish warnings are groundless and possibly counterproductive -- even where pregnant women are concerned. Unsurprisingly, the hordes of activists who've...
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Animal-Rights Scaremongering Runs A-Monk
(February 23rd, 2007)
Talk about chutzpah. No, seriously, talk about the chutzpah of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), because the victims of its latest smear campaign aren't inclined to speak up for themselves very much. That's because PETA has attacked a South Carolina monastery...
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Changes CSPI would make if they ran the girl scout cookie drive
(February 22nd, 2007)

Copyright Center for Consumer Freedom

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Eating: It’s Not Your Fault
(February 21st, 2007)
Giving a column to a think tank is a lot like giving car keys to a 14-year-old boy: You know it's going to end badly. Nevertheless, yesterday handed over a goodly amount of column space to RAND Corporation scholar Deborah Cohen, who wrote on the topic...
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Illinois Lawmaker Is Ill-Annoying
(February 20th, 2007)
Chicago's recent flurry of anti-consumer-choice regulations -- including a ban on the French delicacy foie gras -- has inspired at least one overzealous Illinois state legislator. Just last month, Rep. Mary Flowers introduced the Menu Education and Labeling Act, which would require restaurants and grocery stores to...
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Thin Mints Get Chewed Out
(February 19th, 2007)
Americans can sleep well tonight, secure in the knowledge that food activists have outted another dangerous criminal front group: Girl Scouts. In a press release today, National Action Against Obesity (NAAO) charges the girls with endangering public health by trafficking sweet, sweet cookie contraband.The Feds needed tax fraud...
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Mercury Scare Campaigns Smell Fishy (Again)
(February 16th, 2007)
Today the mainstream medical community weighed in on the mercury-in-fish debate, and -- yet again -- the activist case for "toxic tuna" looks to be in troubled waters. In a scientific study appearing in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, Dr. Joseph Hibbeln and his team...
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Landmark Fish Study Should Put Mercury Fears To Rest
(February 15th, 2007)

Washington -- Today the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom called on environmental groups including Oceana, the Mercury Policy Project, the Environmental Working Group, and the Sea Turtle Restoration Project (along with Consumer Reports magazine) to cease their long-standing campaigns aimed at scaring women...
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